Schedule Aug 01, 2001
Frontiers of Physical Measurements and Analysis in Biology
Dr. Richard Buxton
Chemists and physicists have been instrumental in the design of essential technologies for the study of nervous systems. We will review how the confluence of inspiration from biology and the application of physical principles and modern physical techniques has led to new imaging and new analysis procedures. Examples will be taken from metabolic based contrast procedures such as functional optical imaging, optical coherence tomography, and functional magnetic resonance imaging. Further examples are direct measurement of neuronal activity based on optical-based molecular contrast agents of ion concentration or voltage, the use of optical sectioning, particular multi-photon induced fluorescence, and finally, on measurements of external fields such as with magnetoencepalography. In addition to solely physical techniques, we will describe the use of modern spectral and statistical techniques in the analysis of data, particularly data from multi-site measurements.

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